Elevate Communication by Mastering ‘From’ Addresses for WordPress Emails

In the dynamic realm of WordPress design, effective communication is your secret weapon. Let’s delve into a seemingly small yet crucial aspect of this – the ‘From’ address in your emails. This minor detail holds immense power, shaping the deliverability of your messages, bolstering your website’s credibility, and fostering user engagement.

Why the ‘From’ Address is a Design Essential

When designing a website, you want complete control of the experience from start to finish. You’ve designed a beautiful layout, gorgeous colors, the best copy, and a kick-ass lead form. When your customers come to the site, mesmerized by your fantastic design, they’ll of course fill out your form; this is when you’ve lost them. In their inbox, instead of a thank you from your site, they’ll see an email from “WordPress”.

That’s the ‘From’ address, a digital signature that introduces the email’s sender. Simply put, your design is not complete without changing this part of your site.

When your WordPress website sends emails, you need to ensure they emanate from an address tied to your domain, like [email protected]. This little change goes beyond branding – it ensures your emails are less likely to be flagged as spam. Think of it as a visual assurance, making your emails both recognizable and trustworthy.


Simple Solutions with a Designer’s Touch

Fear not, designers! You needn’t morph into coding wizards to perfect the ‘From’ address in your WordPress emails. The process is refreshingly straightforward:

Step 1: Access your WordPress dashboard and locate your theme’s functions.php file, nestled under Appearance > Theme Editor.

Step 2: Insert this deliciously easy code snippet at the file’s end:

// Set the 'From' address for WordPress emails
function p15_custom_wp_mail_from($email) {
    return '[email protected]';
add_filter('wp_mail_from', 'p15_custom_wp_mail_from');

// Set the 'From' name for WordPress emails
function p15_custom_wp_mail_from_name($name) {
    return 'Your Website Name';
add_filter('wp_mail_from_name', 'p15_custom_wp_mail_from_name');

Step 3: Save the changes. Now your WordPress emails will have the correct ‘From’ address and name!


Introducing the WP Mail Settings Plugin – Designed for You

Searching for a simpler route? Behold The WP Mail Settings plugin (available here at Pirate Plugins ). This design-oriented WordPress plugin transforms your email configuration ordeal into a breeze.

WP Mail Settings empowers you to tailor your ‘From’ address seamlessly, and it even guides replies to an email address of your choice. Embrace the plugin’s prowess to infuse professionalism and personalization into your emails.



Within the vibrant canvas of WordPress design, effective communication reigns supreme. The ‘From’ address in your emails, though seemingly minute, shapes your website’s credibility and user interaction. By ensuring your WordPress emails has an accurate ‘From’ address, you’re nurturing both your brand and the delivery of your messages.

For designers, mastering email settings need not be an enigma. Whether you choose the elegance of code snippets or the artistic WP Mail Settings plugin, seizing control of your WordPress email communication is a design triumph. Embrace this journey and watch your emails resonate with your design aesthetics. Happy emailing, fellow designers!